About Us

Tired Texan BBQ is a family-owned business that has been serving up delicious barbecue. Inspired by Ellison’s business, Chip Holland and Christine Holland opened their Tired Texan BBQ in Omaha, Nebraska in 2017.

Our family-owned joint was created by a family of barbecue enthusiasts dedicated to providing customers with the best-smoked meats, sides, and sauces. We use only the freshest ingredients in our recipes and never use processed or pre-made items. Every dish is made from scratch and prepared with love.

At Tired Texan BBQ, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. We believe in using only the highest-quality ingredients, slow-cooking our meats to perfection, and creating unique sauces. Our goal is to ensure that every meal is delicious and perfectly cooked.

We offer a variety of meats, such as brisket, pork, turkey, and chicken, as well as traditional sides, such as coleslaw, beans, and potato salad. Our customers can enjoy our homemade sauces, including our popular BBQ sauce. We also have a wide selection of beer and wine to pair with your meal.

We strive to provide a unique and comfortable atmosphere for our customers. Our restaurant has a cozy, homey feel and a friendly staff. We also offer outdoor seating on our spacious patio.

At Tired Texan BBQ, we believe barbecue is an art and a science. We strive to create the perfect smoked meal every time and use only the best ingredients. Our goal is to continue providing our customers with the best barbecue.

Tired Texan BBQ

Address: 4702 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137

Phone: (402) 991-9994