We suggest anywhere from 1/4 -1/2 lb of meat per person and 2 bones per person. For Brisket…lean more to 1/2 lb due to the fact that it is sliced. When doing as sandwiches you can go toward 1/4 lb especially if using smaller buns.

Brisket $24/lb   Pulled Pork $15/lb   St. Louis Style Ribs $26/slab

Depending on size, some sauce will come with your order with a max of 16 oz.

Additional cups are $2.50/8 oz



1/2 pan $25 (feeds 10-15). Full pan $50 (feeds 20-25)

Beans or Cole slaw – Potato Salad ($30/$60)

Gallon Jugs $4.50/ Gallon

Tea, Sweet Tea or Lemonade

Utensils are available for eating and serving purposes at additional cost Utensils
Please Call to ask about our delivery charges as this varies with distance, amount transporting, as well as day and time of delivery. We personally deliver catered orders. Delivery Charge